Introduction To Dynamic Visibility.

When it comes to controlling what the user sees and when they see it Dynamic Visibility by Dynamic.ooo is second to none. 

Whether you need to hide or show a specific offer for a certain time frame or only show content based on user status ( logged in/logged out ) Dynamic Visibility can do all that elegantly without a hiccup.

Dynamic Options

To access the dynamic options select any widget on the page and look under the advanced tab you should see a new option called dynamic. Open the tab up and turn on the options.

You should see quite a few options to mess with.

Option Breakdown

Visibility: Will hide the widget completely on the frontend.

Users & Roles: This is where you get to choose whether to hide it by role or if the user is logged in or out.

Date: Choose how long this widget is visible for.

Fallback Text: Here you can add a message to show when the widget is hidden.

Give Dynamic Visibility a try and I’m sure you will love it.

Thanks for reading.

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