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How To Create Inline Buttons.

How To Create Inline Buttons.

Today I am going to show you how to have two buttons inline within one column. 

To achieve two buttons side by side we are going to use a couple lines of css.

Let’s get started.

To begin we need to add to buttons to a section.

Next we need to open the column options and add some CSS and a class to that column.

.inline-btn .elementor-widget-wrap {
    display: flex;

If you done everything correctly this what you should have.

The Elementor way.

You can achieve the same thing with 2 columns just be sure to remove all the padding from both buttons and make sure you set the column gap to No Gap .

Adjust the column width and fill in any padding or margin issues you see.

Addon Alternative

For those that wish to an awesome Addon to do all the heavy lifting Ultimate Addons for Elementor has what you are looking for with a multi-button widget.

Multi-button Video

Thanks for reading.

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