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How To Create A Sticky Footer That Reveals On Scroll

How To Create A Sticky Footer That Reveals On Scroll

In this tutorial we will be building a footer that is stuck the the bottom of the page but reveals it self as your scroll up.

Here is what the effect should look like when we are done.

My staging environment

Theme: Hello Theme

Elementor Version: Pro ( required to build your custom footer )

Let’s begin.

Build your footer as you like just remember that your footer widgets need to all in one section or this effect will not work as it should. You can as many inner sections as you like. After you have completed your footer we need add some additional css to make it possible to click any links in your footer.

Before you save your custom footer go the Scrolling Effects Options and choose to have a sticky section on the bottom.


Add this css in the advanced area or in the css area of the customizer.

.elementor-sticky.elementor-sticky--active.elementor-section--handles-inside.elementor-sticky--effects {
z-index: -1!important;

.elementor-sticky {
z-index: 1!important;

The above css will change the z-index of the footer based on the position of the content. When the footer is fully revealed the z-index will change to make if possible to click the links.

Just be sure that your section have solid background or your footer will show.

Congratulations you have just added a fixed footer to your site that will reveal on scroll.

Additional Notes

The most important thing to remember is that every section on your site needs to have a background color or image or you will be able to see the footer through the widgets.

Enjoy 😀.

7 Responses

  1. Everything works fine, except if there is less content and no scroll bar on the right, footer is under invisible scroll bar so there just appears white space on footer instead of scroll bar on the right.

    1. Allow me to revisit this tutorial and see if changes need to be made.

  2. Hello, I’m glad to see this, It’s very helpful.
    I have just one issue.
    I have a Sticky Header, so when I applied the code, it also applies to the Header.
    I tried to add “Selector”, or to add a class to my footer, then add on code. But It doesn’t help.

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