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Preparing Your Vertical Header for Mobile.

Evening all, This brief post is a follow up to “How to make a fixed vertical header” and “Styling your vertical header”. If you have followed the previous posts then you should have a pretty nice vertical header with your desired styling. The one thing I neglected to included was how to make it look […]

Styling Your Fixed Vertical Header

In our previous post you create your very own Fixed Vertical Header so congratulations on accomplishing that task now its time to add some widgets to wow your visitors.

How To Make A Fixed Vertical Header

Greetings all. For todays tutorial I am going to guide you through the process of creating a fixed vertical side header with just Elementor Pro and some crafty CSS. So let’s get the important stuff out the way so we can begin. My working environment Theme: Hello Theme Elementor Version: Pro Let’s get started 😀 […]

Free Vertical Header Template

This is a vertical header template I built just to see how hard it would be. The template is built with 2 columns and some crafty CSS which you can find in each of the columns.