Key Elements

Sticky Video On Scroll

Greetings All. You may have seen this effect on some other sites and wonder if it was even possible with Elementor. Well the answer is yes and very easy I might add. With no additional javascript needed just some crafted CSS. Keep in mind for this particular method to work you will need Elementor Pro. […]

Styling Your Fixed Vertical Header

In our previous post you create your very own Fixed Vertical Header so congratulations on accomplishing that task now its time to add some widgets to wow your visitors.

How To Make Any Section Clickable

In this tutorial I am going to show you an easy & simple way to make any section clickable without the need of other add-ons. This tutorial is for those who would rather not use the CTA widget but would instead like their custom section clickable. Please note for this to work you will need […]

How To Hide Your Header Till User Scrolls Down

For this short tutorial I will show you how to hide your header completely until the user scrolls down a certain amount of px. So be before we begin let’s get the important stuff out of the way.