How To Make Any Section Clickable

In this tutorial I am going to show you an easy & simple way to make any section clickable without the need of other add-ons. This tutorial is for those who would rather not use the CTA widget but would instead like their custom section clickable. Please note for this to work you will need […]

Responsive Large Text In Elementor

Currently in Elementor we have multiple ways to size our text. We can choose between px, em, and rem which is great when used properly. Because Elementor only lets use adjust between desktop, mobile and tablet working with large text can be an issue due to the amount of devices that fall in between desktop […]

How To Hide Your Header Till User Scrolls Down

For this short tutorial I will show you how to hide your header completely until the user scrolls down a certain amount of px. So be before we begin let’s get the important stuff out of the way.

Free Vertical Header Template

This is a vertical header template I built just to see how hard it would be. The template is built with 2 columns and some crafty CSS which you can find in each of the columns.

Introduction To Animista

Created by Ana Travis, Animista has become a nice addition in my design toolbox. This website features animations for all occasions and for the most they incorporate pretty easily into Elementor.

How To Create A Inactive Tab Message.

For this tutorial I am going to show you how to change the browser tab title when the user clicks away from your site. Let’s begin. To make it easy for everyone to follow without having to go inside the theme files and enqueueing scripts we are going to use another plugin to assist with […]

Understanding Media Queries.

Media queries, a phrase that scares the hell out of some developers. When in actuality there are pretty easy to understand. In my designs I tend to use at least 2 sets of media queries in every site I  design. The media queries job is to tell the browser what to do based on the […]