2 Awesome Tools For Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is still one of the most used form plugins used with WordPress. For most new users Contact Form 7 can prove to be challenging when it comes to layout and styling.

Luckily for those that use Elementor we have a couple tools we can use to get the most out of Contact form 7.

Contact Form 7 Layout Builder ( Free )

Contact Form 7 Layout Builder created by the great folks at Crocoblock allows you to layout your form any way you see fit.

You can add a field and adjust the size by dragging the arrow to the left or right. Each field created can removed around to fit.

From choosing the gutter size and mobile break it is truly a welcomed addition to anyone who still loves Contact form 7.

After you have your layout configured all that remains is to copy the CSS and HTML and add it to your website.

Contact Form 7 styler for Elementor Page Builder ( Free )

This next plugin was created by Essential Addons and even though it has been a year since it was updated last it is still one of the better free Contact Form 7 stylers.

The widget options gives the ability to style everything from the form container to the form button.

With these 2 plugins in your arsenal they should give you the power to layout and style your form to your liking with less coding and head scratching.

Enjoy 😀.

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